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Hello and welcome to 5.0 Wellness in Richland, Washington.

Our suite is warm and inviting as well as clean and calm.  We only allow one guest at a time into the suite allowing you to relax and enjoy the time you have here for your session, knowing its completely private.

We use state of the art FDA approved colon hydrotherapy equipment, one time use disposable speculums, employ certified Colon Hydrotherapists and are licensed and insured.


Your first appointment takes approximately 90 minutes. We will go over the Welcome Packet that will be emailed to you upon scheduling your appointment, as well as answer any questions you may have. The session itself takes 40 minutes.

To receive the greatest benefit from your session, begin hydrating 48 hours before your appointment, increase your fiber intake, eat light foods such as steamed vegetables, broth soups, fruits etc. Avoid heavy foods such as red meat, deep fried foods, dairy and refined foods. Stop eating and drinking 2-3 hours prior to your session to avoid stomach upset.

After your session, eat light foods and avoid heavy foods as outlined above. Drink plenty of water to assist your body in eliminating toxins. You should be able to return to work and resume your regular activities immediately after your appointment.

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